How to Set up PayPal Account| Create or Sign up PayPal account

Signup of PayPal account : The PayPal is an e-payment platform where you can transfer or make payments through the email id . PayPal allows you to make the payments all round soon and it is used by many eCommerce portals to accept payments . So its must to create a PayPal account . So we will see how to setup PayPal account . You can also create Paypal account with out PAN card , Credit card or phone number

Create a PayPal Account

So you want to create PayPal account to receive money or receive any payments . And there are both types of Accounts which can be created they are Individual account and Business account .  So to know more about PayPal just Google for Paypal wiki .

Step by Step to sign up for PayPal account :

  • Open the Link or Go to PAYPAL

create paypal account

  • Then you can find the Sign up button on right top corner or at middle left
  • Click on the button and you will find the Individual and business account . If you want to set up paypal account for individual purpose go with individual account if not sign up for PayPal business account .
  • create paypal account


  •   After you click continue You will sent to a page which looks as below

create paypal account


  • Choose the Country , Email address and enter the password and confirm . enter the correct captcha and Continue

create paypal account

Create Paypal account with debit card

  • Fill in the Details which are as in the PAN card and complete the total form and Create account . After that you will be sent to a page where you will be asked to enter the Credit card Details which contains the Card number , Expiry date and CVV number .  Debit cards are also accepted (not all debit cards , verify before you apply )  . This is the way to create paypal account without debit card
  • create paypal account


  • If you have the correct details complete the form or you can skip the form by the link available and you will sent to the page as below  . Either you can go to the account or add debit or credit card to your paypal account .
  • create paypal account


  • After you will complete you will be sent to the page below and You should confirm the account


  • Complete the Email confirmation process and Submit your PAN card number and also confirm your bank account number .

Create PayPal account without PAN card ,Credit card and Phone number

The PayPal account can be created easily with out the PAN card , Credit Card and Phone Number . But for the full approved account you need to complete the whole process .  To send and receive payments from the PAYPAL account .

create paypal account

Confirmation of Bank Account in PayPal account

This is the way to create PayPal account . So after you complete the process there will be the confirmation process of your Bank Account where the PayPal with deposit small amount of money in your account , you need to enter the amount of money deposited in your account and the Bank account will be confirmed .

So if you find any difficulty in creating the PayPal account or sign up for paypal account then just comment below and also share with your friends .